Department for Tantric Science

Department for Tantric Science

This is one of the rarest and toughest science to learn. Department must have Tantric Acharais as teachers. The department must make toughest possible norms in the selection process so that the most eligible only gets into the course. Interest alone is not sufficient to acquire knowledge in Tantric Science. Life long dedication is required to be an expert Tantric Acharai. It is a science of knowledge to coordinate mind, body and spiritual ability to invoke Nature’s power focusing on certain matters.

A Tantric Acharai can tap knowledge from highly developed sources from the timeless, boundaryless world. Existence of this divine world is not approachable by normal human beings. They must know Tantric shastra to get into this domain.

Many people are unaware of Tantric Science and criticize it as mere superstition. This is basically due to their ignorance. All sciences emerges from Tantric Science. This is the reality. Study of Tantric Science cannot be taken as a profession. This cannot be utilized for amassing wealth and personal gains. You can approach M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for more details. There is no caste, creed, religion, gender, race restrictions to learn Tantric Science. Dedication to The Almighty Nature is mandatory for this.

The department head must convene meetings with senior officials of the department and make a complete draft of rules, regulations and by-law of each and every function of the department. This is 100% required for the smooth functioning of the department. You must ensure that these by-laws are framed in accordance with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration. All the existing rules and regulations of the department will automatically become null and void with the introduction of the new regime of administration. All employees must follow the new rules and regulations in letter and spirit without fail.

The draft must be framed 100% in accordance with the guidelines of the new regime of administration and forward the same to HR department, who will go through the draft and re-confirm all aspects of the by-laws including the man power requirement. HR department has to reconfirm that the rules and regulations are not contradicting with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration and put up the same to the head of the nation for final approval. The approved draft thereafter becomes a rule, regulation and by-law of the department. This must be done on a war-footing basis. The entire process must be completed within a time limit of 122 days from the date of enforcement of the new regime of administration. The final approved rules and regulations of the department will be the new constitution of the new regime of administration for the department. The process of incorporating any changes, amendments, alterations, additions or deletions can be suggested by the head of the department at a later stage and the same has to be forwarded to HR department for scrutiny and should be sent to the head of the nation for ratification. A printed copy of this new constitution has to be given to all senior officials within the department and a copy each to all other heads of the departments for their reference.

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