Death warrant – Batch 1

Death warrant – Batch 1

Abolition of all kinds of reservations in government jobs/appointments (temporary and permanent), and admissions in educational institutions shall be in force with effect from 7th Nov 2022 – issued by the Supreme order of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature.”

  • Date of issuance of this pronouncement: 15th Aug 2022, 8 PM IST
  • Date of implementation of this new pronouncement: 7th Nov 2022, 8 PM IST
  • This order will be in force all over the world with effect from: 7th Nov 2022, 8 PM IST
  • Due date of punishment: 8th May 2024, 8 PM IST

The above order shall be implemented and adhered by all government institutions, partly-owned government institutions and private institutions that are licensed to educate pupil, train professionals, skill development etc.

All governments-in-power are fundamentally run and sustaining all over the world by tapping precious resources of the Nature. All of you are therefore duty-bound to follow the laws of the Holy Nature by all means. You do not have any authority to make deviations from the fundamental principles of the Nature. “Survival of the fittest” is the holy and core principle of the Nature and of the universe. Nature does not allow any unfit to survive. The unfit therefore shall perish. They may get an opportunity, depending on their eligibility for regaining strength. Nature does not make anyone permanently fit or unfit. The unfit of today can gain fitness tomorrow and vice-versa. Nature is always young, energetic, dynamic, efficient and ever-active due to the above core golden principle.

Man-made reservation policy therefore is not in alignment with this core characteristics of the Nature. The fit is denied opportunities in the present reservation policy. We find many inefficient people holding key positions in government sector, thanks to this rotten policy. Tax payers’ money is getting wasted on inefficient officials in various fields like inefficient teachers, doctors, engineers, agriculturists, architects, scientists and others in all sectors of the present system who are appointed under reservation quota. This undesirable practice must be made an immediate full-stop.

Merit-based appointments:

Recruitment board must be constituted with an expert panel in all fields of competence for making merit-based appointments. For an example, an expert group of doctors cannot evaluate the efficiency of engineers. Hence the need of efficient recruitment board having proficiency in the subject is critical in spotting the real talented candidates.

Merit does not mean educational/academic qualifications or certificates issued by various universities. No extra weightage should be given to those who possess academic certificates. Schools, colleges, universities, training institutions are centres for imparting knowledge and give basic education/training on various subjects. Knowledge can be gained from any source, not necessarily only from these formal institutions. It is not necessary that it should be from any established educational institution. It is therefore to be noted that no additional value is to be attached to the candidates holding academic qualifications. This means candidates with academic qualifications and without any academic qualification or certificates need to be treated equally. Thorough testing of competence, efficiency, ability, physical mental fitness etc are to be done by the specialist panel of the recruitment board. It can be done by written examinations, conducting interviews, practical examinations by giving opportunities to display their talents within the limited timeframe. You can give certain weightage to previous experience in the similar field as one of the criteria while appointing people in key positions. The role and responsibilities of recruitment board is very important in this new revised recruitment policy. Verification of some documents and certificates, and issuing appointment orders based on that must be stopped henceforth which is just a clerical, meaningless exercise and waste of time.

Some of you may be thinking that appointing people, especially in high ranks without academic background may lead to confusion and failure. It is nothing but your baseless doubt. For an example, a sculpture’s ability must be judged based on his carving ability, his ability to select the right variety of stone, right color of the stone, speed of his carving, aesthetic beauty of his carving, physical expressions of the carved object etc, instead of appointing based on his certificates, caste, creed, religion, gender, racial background etc.

Let us look back at the history, introspect and make an impartial judgement about the masters of the past and those of recent times on various subjects. Most of the renowned and outstanding personalities in the fields of science, music, philosophy, art, literature, painting, sculpture, acting, engineering, architecture, inventions, treatment of diseases, business, administration etc are those who had very low academic qualification. On the contrary, their works have become subjects for learning in institutions and universities. Aspiring individuals must have freedom to choose their platform, their path to acquire knowledge. It can be a self-learning process, it can be learning from various reputed experts, it can be learning from universities or any other establishments or other centres. It should be left to the individuals’ choice instead of forcing students to acquire knowledge from a particular stereotyped system.

List of successful personalities with poor or moderate academic background:

  1. Galileo – one of the influential scientists in the history
  2. Albert Einstein – known as the father of modern science
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci – renowned painter, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor and architect
  4. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek – known as father of microbiology
  5. Benjamin Franklin – scientist with no science degree
  6. William Herschel – renowned astronomer
  7. Caroline Herschel – renowned astronomer
  8. Mary Somerville – renowned mathematician
  9. Michael Faraday – renowned chemist and completely self-taught
  10. Mary Anning – renowned and self-taught scientist
  11. Charles Goodyear – renowned scientist and self-taught chemist
  12. William Darwin – renowned evolutionary theorist
  13. Thomas Edison – self-taught and renowned electrical, mechanical scientist (he was expelled from school because his teachers thought that he is too slow to learn)
  14. The Wright Brothers – Invented flying machines

Some of the billionaires without college degree:

  1. Bill Gates – Co-founder of Microsoft (University dropout)
  2. Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook (college dropout)
  3. Steves Jobs – Founder of Apple (college dropout)
  4. Larry Ellison – Co-founder of Oracle Corporation (never taken a single computer science course in his life but was self-taught)
  5. Michael Dell – CEO of Dell (university dropout)
  6. David Geffen – American business magnate (university dropout)
  7. Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motor company (left school after finishing eighth grade)
  8. Paul Allen – Co-founder of Microsoft
  9. Carl Lindner Jr.
  10. Phillip Green
  11. Jan Koum – Co-founder of WhatsApp (self-taught computer programming)
  12. Evan Williams – Co-founder of Twitter (college dropout)
  13. David H Murdock – Businessman (high-school dropout)
  14. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter (college dropout)

Famous authors without college degree or in some cases not even entered college:

  1. William Shakespeare
  2. Ray Bradbury – classic novelist
  3. Maya Angelou – poet
  4. Truman Capote – novelist
  5. Mark Twain
  6. H.G. Wells
  7. Jack London
  8. Augusten Burroughs
  9. Charles Dickens
  10. Jack Kerouac
  11. William Faulkner

All the above-mentioned facts indicate that formal education is not necessary or is not the only route of excellence. There are several people who have displayed their talents and excelled in many subjects who have been formally educated with high qualification. The government need to spot, cultivate, extend opportunities to talented people in multi-sources with complete freedom of acquiring knowledge. There is nothing called formal or informal. Knowledge is pure. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is spread all over and cannot be tied down at one point.

Radical change must take place in the educational system:

All that is required is to provide basic elementary education to all citizens on basic knowledge and leave them to establish their own way (refer “Radiation of multiple internal and external forces in you” book written by Acharai Sri Barat Venkit). Stereotyped learning system adopted by the world today can hardly produce promising efficient talents. Many of them in the new revised educational policy will become outstanding masters of their choicest field who can contribute a lot to the society. Their knowledge can be documented and made available in the public domain for others to acquire as authentic reference.

Radical change is required in the educational system. The present system does not encourage multi-faceted talents. The source of acquiring knowledge cannot be caged and cannot be tied down with limited entry and exit route. The real knowledge comes in hundreds of ways. It cannot be limited to just one path. The present educational system is therefore too handicapped with many disabilities. The outcome of this present system is a colossal waste of time and almost worthless.

Government must constitute an expert panel who should be free from all political links and affiliations. They should design a detailed primary educational system covering all basic necessities with a maximum duration of 3 to 4 years. This primary educational system should be made compulsory and free for all citizens. Governments must constitute expert panel for each and every subject, covering all possible aspects of human life, Nature, atmosphere, health and hygiene, basic science of human body etc. There could be hundreds of main subjects and thousands of affiliated subjects. Masters can emerge in each subject through this revised system in future. There shall be nothing called formal education other than the primary school education as explained above. The remaining are informal or beyond formal with unlimited boundaries. In order to get entry to this primary formal education, there shall be no age bar. The entry shall be restricted 100% on merit-basis. A child with an age of 5 years may get an entry, a teenager or an adult may not get an entry if he/she is not successful in the selection procedures. The interview panel will decide whether the candidate is qualified (physically, mentally, intellectually) to get an admission. The purpose of education, whether formal or informal, whether self-taught or taken training from others is to acquire knowledge and excel in the preferred subject, and acquire fair knowledge on important aspects of life, about the society, about Nature etc. The individual thereafter becomes jack of all and master of one or few.

The roles and responsibilities of the expert panel are very critical in the new revised educational system. They must consult with Acharai Sri Barat Venkit (A humble servant and representative of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature”, and Scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Science) before finalizing the action plan in the new revised educational policy. All governments must comply and complete this process within 1 year. UN may take lead role in such matters and help nations to finalize the new revised educational system. The target of 1 year must be adhered by all governments without fail, failing which the same shall be reflected as condemned of this proclamation issued by the Supreme order of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature”. All condemned actions are punishable.

Total ban declared on non-merit-based appointments:

  1. All temporary/ permanent recruitments, hiring and granting promotions in government jobs shall henceforth be based 100% on merit basis. This should be determined by competitive examinations conducted by prescribed expert panel.
  2. No appointments shall be made based on any reservation, caste, creed, gender, minority, majority, race, community, religion, color, economically backward, economically advanced, politically affiliated etc.
  3. No appointment shall be made based on traditional right.
  4. Employees shall be hired, promoted, rewarded and retained on the basis of individual’s ability, fitness and merit.
  5. No special quota for any class or physically disabled or unfit.
  6. No special quota for sportsmen/women in government jobs. It shall be purely based on merit-based appointment.
  7. No region-wise or language-wise quota is permitted.
  8. All admissions in educational institutions shall be made 100% based on merit and eligibility.
  9. People who have been already appointed based on reservation and are in service will have to prove their ability to continue in service within the due date. They must be terminated from the service immediately if failed to get a minimum 60% of the mark in both written and physical test.
  10. Students who got admissions based on non-merit basis or based on some reservations must be terminated unless proved their competence in written examinations within the due date. Recruitment board must conduct special examinations in this regard to prove their ability, efficiency and physical mental fitness within the time frame.

Any compromise on merit-based appointments will be at the cost of denial of opportunities to brilliant faculties, professionals and will lead to mediocrity, and inefficiency. It will swap the bright and excellence, and remain with second rate or third rate. Inefficiency will lead to delay, inaccuracy, resulting in reversing the progress of the society, especially the weaker and under-developed sections of the society.

Pronouncement of death sentence is being issued to all violators of the above rules and regulations. The list includes the following:

  1. Officials in recruitment board, if they fail to perform their duties with sincerity, due diligence, uncompromising attitude towards the laid down rules and if not being impartial to all while performing their duties.
  2. All government authorities must amend existing laws and implement the new rules within the date of implementation of this pronouncement. All new appointments and admissions must be kept in abeyance until then. Punishment will be imposed if they fail to perform in time.
  3. Leaders of political parties, religions, caste, region etc who are voicing against the new revised rule will be deemed as condemned against the Supreme order of The Almighty Holy Mother Nature and they shall be condemned to death with no remedial measures. (However refer The only solution to escape from the punishment of irrevocable death sentence)

No compromise to be made on quality at any cost. Governments if necessary, can extend subsidies, fee concessions or other facilities to uplift the backward/under-privileged sections of the society. The society is already suffering drastic deterioration of quality in almost all levels. This has happened due to the wrong policies adopted by the rulers, administrators, politicians or nexus of all together. They had deep routed hidden agendas and ulterior motives while introducing reservations at many levels.

Limited period of appointment:

All appointments (temporary and permanent) henceforth must be made for a limited period only. It should not be exceeding 24 months. Extension of their service must be done for another period of 24 months based on their performance assessment. Survival of the fittest must be the key governing factor everywhere. Appointment in limited period will give opportunity for most eligible, most able and most efficient, replacing inefficient and unfit. There is no age bar or there is no retirement age while considering new recruitments or while considering extension of people who are in service under the new revised recruitment as well as in educational system.

Reservation is a form of discrimination as it favours one particular group. It is like a cancer in the society and harms the social fabric in the long term. It has remained a cause of disagreement, divide between the reserved and non-reserved. This fatal disease in the society has been put to an end forever with the issuance of this proclamation.

Do not waste your time in worthless discussion and debates. Your over-smartness and unproductive arguments will lead to nothing but a miserable end of your life itself. Critics and violators of the new revised system will be treated alike and punished. Invisible Natural forces are tracing and tracking every moment of all of you. You will be accountable for all your actions.

Date of issuance of this pronouncement:  15th Aug 2022, 8 PM IST
Date of implementation of this new pronouncement:  7th Nov 2022, 8 PM IST
This order will be in force all over the world with effect from: 7th Nov 2022, 8 PM IST
Due date of punishment: 8th May 2024, 8 PM IST

The above decisions have been received from The Almighty Holy Mother Nature and communicated to all through this media. Nevertheless, you will be kept updated of any amendments.

We neither expect nor entertain any reply to this pronouncement.

Acharai Shri Barat Venkit,

A humble servant and representative of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature”, and Scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Science.

Date of issuance: 15th Aug 2022, 8 PM IST

Trivandrum, India

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