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Red Alert Warning II- Deadliest pandemic attack world-over

(Predicted by Ateendriya Ancient Science Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit)

(Published on 31st Dec 2020)

Nearly 4-5 million people will perish globally. This ferocious pandemic is predicted to conquer mankind globally within 2 months from now i.e., within Feb 2021). It is highly contagious. It spreads through air, water and food. It spreads human to human, group to group, society to society, animal to human and vice versa. It will disrupt the very movement of public. Face mask culture will become mandatory. Roads, busy areas, public places will become vacant. Hospitals will be flooded with patients. The emerging sources of this pandemic are fish, animals and human/animals exposed to – high-level of radiation, poisonous chemicals, smoke emitting from plastic burning and decay smell especially from non-veg food items etc.

Medical science will invent new vaccinations to prevent the disease. People will be forced to take vaccinations which will have dangerous partial effects. Eventually this will lead to another deadliest pandemic, killing almost one-third of our population in future.

Desirable precautions

  1. Get out of apartments and flats, and stay in individual houses
  2. Avoid going to crowded places
  3. Avoid going to non-veg selling centres
  4. Avoid taking vaccinations
  5. Avoid taking tinned food with chemical preservatives, as it affects the general immunity level of people, especially middle aged and aged people. Most of them will be acting as disease carriers
  6. Avoid taking radiation therapy
  7. Ladies should avoid getting pregnant during the pandemic time. It will be equally dangerous both for the mother and the child
  8. Avoid taking exposed cooked food
  9. Avoid staying in AC rooms and places where proper ventilation is not there. Avoid travelling in AC vehicles
  10. Avoid human to human physical interaction to the maximum (hugging, kissing, shaking hands and body to body touch etc)
  11. Avoid inhaling/chewing tobacco mixed products
  12. Avoid visiting hospitals as by-standers and visitors
  13. Avoid using common lifts, swimming pools, health clubs, wash rooms, dormitories, cinema theatres etc
  14. Do not burn plastic, as plastic pollution will trigger the speed of the spread of this new deadly pandemic
  15. Do not use chemical pesticides/insecticides
  16. Do not use artificially preserved meat, fish, vegetables etc as these would act as potential carriers of the disease
  17. Observe all general health related cleanliness

Annexure I:

(Published on 15th Feb 2021)

Newspaper cutting about the upcoming new deadliest pandemic: