Red Alert Warning I: An ultimate warning from the mighty forces of the Holy Nature to the people and governments

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Red Alert Warning I: An ultimate warning from the mighty forces of the Holy Nature to the people and governments

An ultimate warning from the mighty forces of the Holy Nature – hereby issues a serious warning in the form of an ultimatum to the people and their respective governments in power through Their representative – Scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Tantric, Herbal, Engineering, Radiation and Ateendriya Suraksha Science – Acharai Shri Barat Venkit.

This warning is addressed to all the nations engaged in polluting the atmosphere and in heavy deforestation.

It is found that your country is either engaged/ encourages/ both in heavy deforestation for mere financial gains, disregarding, disrespecting and endangering the very ecosystem of the planet Earth. Hectares of thick forest are being reduced to barren land on a daily basis. As per the analysis, it is noted that your nation is one among the top major contributors of the following categories of pollution, causing heavy damage to the environment.

Various types and sources of pollution:

  1. Air, water, soil and noise pollution
  2. Thermal, industrial, plastic, atmospheric and light pollution
  3. Radio-active contamination, radio-spectrum, electro-magnetic radiation (EMR)
  4. Atmospheric pollution from solar power generating systems, burning of fossil fuel
  5. Pollution due to over density of population of human and certain types of domestic animals grown in large numbers, unscientific concrete high-rise buildings
  6. Pollution due to over-exploitation of Natural resources, deforestation, single-crop and hybrid cultivation, organic waste, chemical pesticides and insecticides

You are therefore committing a grave criminal offense to the Holy Nature and to all its inhabitants. The planet Earth is gradually becoming a poisonous gas chamber due to such unpardonable foolish actions by greedy, selfish and narrow-minded people like you. You have already encroached millions of hectares of forest land for your selfish motives. You are also in the fore-front in polluting the precious air, water and soil, endangering the very existence of life in the planet Earth. It has been therefore decided to punish you as part of the first warning. The punishment will be in the form of destruction and demolition of some of your so-called valuable and prestigious unscientifically constructed buildings. Some of your industrial zones and urban zones will also be reduced to debris by strong tremor/ earthquakes shortly.

More severe punishments will be imposed on your nation if there is no sign of rectification or corrective action. Second level of punishment will be focused on individuals like politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, business men, industrialists and others who hold key positions and are directly or indirectly involving in polluting the atmosphere, soil and our precious water sources. Consequences will be devastating if this warning is taken casually or ignored by all concerned and responsible, thinking that these warnings do not have any scientific background or it does not come from so-called scientific scholars. The government in power must implement adequate measures with time-bound action plan as envisaged and according to the guidelines given by the Acharai to control and neutralize all areas of pollution without fail. No forces on Earth will be able to prevent or protect the defaulters of this warning from severe punishments. The general public also is liable and equally responsible for the non-performance of the government, especially where the government in power is a democratically elected body by the citizens of the respective nations.


Periodical updates will be made in the above warning if required, as the occurrence of natural disasters have got direct bearing on the movement of the planetary system influencing the planet Earth.

Issued on behalf of the Holy Nature

Acharai Shri Barat Venkit,

A humble servant and representative of “The Almighty Holy Mother Nature”, and Scholar of Ateendriya Ancient Science.