Red Alert Warning III – An epidemic cancer (fast approaching deadliest new pandemic)

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Red Alert Warning III – An epidemic cancer (fast approaching deadliest new pandemic)

(Predicted by Ateendriya Ancient Science Scholar Acharai Shri Barat Venkit)

(Published on 26th Jul 2021)

Over 1.5 billion (150 crores) people will succumb to death in this upcoming pandemic attack. The death toll will exceed several millions in many nations. Survivors will be far and few in some nations. This ferocious pandemic is predicted to conquer mankind globally within May 2027.

Details in summary:

  1. Nature, type and sources of this killer virus
  2. Most vulnerable category of people going to be affected
  3. Top 10 locations going to be the most affected
  4. Duration of this pandemic attack
  5. Others who are going to be severely affected
  6. Desirable precautions
  7. Temporary and permanent remedies

1) Nature, type and sources of the new pandemic

The most dangerous characteristic of this new pandemic is its terrific speed of spreading. It is highly contagious. It spreads human to human, group to group, society to society, animal to human and vice versa. It spreads through air, water and food. It is a man-made pandemic. Dangerous partial effects of the treatments given to Corona affected patients is the real cause of this disease. This includes various types of vaccinations presently administered to people against Corona virus. One of the symptoms of this new disease is that the internal parts of the body of the affected patient will become like an advanced stage of cancer. Many will succumb to death due to this reason. In other words, it can be called as a highly contagious cancer or an epidemic cancer. Black, white, red, yellow, green etc fungus attack also will swallow human life mercilessly in large numbers. Many will die due to failure of internal vital organs as seen in the case of Corona affected deaths. All these are the symptoms leading to mass scale death by this new pandemic.

We have made and still making several attempts to bring this matter to the attention of authorities and the general public. Unfortunately, all our loud cries to save the humanity is falling on the deaf ears of the system, driven by the modern science. We do not know how fast and how effectively can we reach the decision-making system to reverse the process. Chances are remote, and it would remain a bleak and unheard sound among the loudest utterances produced by the mafia-dominated health system.

2) Most vulnerable category of people going to be affected

  1. People with low immunity power, irrespective of age
  2. People born with artificial insemination/IVF treatment system
  3. People who have taken Corona virus vaccination
  4. People who have taken vaccination for many diseases. (Refer hidden danger in vaccinations)
  5. People living in houses facing towards South
  6. People living in houses with Vasthu dosha
  7. People suffering from fatal diseases like lung disease, diabetics, cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, low BP etc
  8. People who have undertaken organ transplantation
  9. People who have donated/removed critical organs from the body
  10. People who are living in and around cattle/chicken farms, slaughter houses, sewage treatment plants, organic waste treatment plants etc
  11. People residing in densely populated areas
  12. People residing in and around hospitals
  13. People having close interactions with pet animals/ birds
  14. People consuming pig meat
  15. People taking iron supplements
  16. People consuming wrong combination/ incompatible foods (viruddh aahar)
  17. People spending more time in sea water
  18. People spending long duration in AC rooms in groups
  19. People who are living very close to signal towers, highly traffic congested junctions/locations
  20. People living in high rise buildings (above 4 stories)
  21. People living/working in and around factories with high volume of sound
  22. People living in and around nuclear power stations
  23. People drinking water treated with radiation
  24. People with obesity
  25. People frequently inhaling chemical smoke generated by generators, welding machines, cutting machines, grinding machines etc
  26. People who are exposed to paints, pesticides, insecticides
  27. People who are exposed to mummies and other unearthed human skeletons
  28. People frequently consuming tinned food containing chemical preservatives

3) Top 10 countries going to be the most affected

  1. Entire North America
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Brazil
  5. India
  6. Pakistan
  7. China
  8. UK
  9. Malaysia
  10. Russia

4) Duration of this pandemic attack

This pandemic will sustain with its brutal mortality at least for 2 years, killing millions of people. It will disrupt the very movement of public, ruining the world’s economy to its lowest bottom.

5) Others who are going to be severely affected

The pandemic will destroy a lion-share of our livestock, especially the following animals/cattle:

  1. Sheep/goats
  2. Buffaloes
  3. Cows and oxen
  4. Horses
  5. Donkeys/mules
  6. Camels
  7. Pigs

Acute shortage of milk, milk products, meat will be experienced in the world. People may die of hunger and malnutrition. People will be exposed to unimaginable sufferings.

6) Desirable precautions

  1. Get out of apartments and flats, and stay in individual houses
  2. Avoid going to crowded places
  3. Avoid going to non-veg selling centres
  4. Avoid taking vaccinations
  5. Avoid taking tinned food with chemical preservatives, as it affects the general immunity level of people, especially middle aged and aged people. Most of them will be acting as disease carriers
  6. Avoid taking radiation therapy
  7. Ladies should avoid getting pregnant during the pandemic time. It will be equally dangerous both for the mother and the child
  8. Avoid taking exposed cooked food
  9. Avoid staying in AC rooms and places where proper ventilation is not there. Avoid travelling in AC vehicles
  10. Avoid human to human physical interaction to the maximum (hugging, kissing, shaking hands and body to body touch etc)
  11. Avoid inhaling/chewing tobacco mixed products
  12. Avoid visiting hospitals as by-standers and visitors
  13. Avoid using common lifts, swimming pools, health clubs, wash rooms, dormitories, cinema theatres etc
  14. Do not burn plastic, as plastic pollution will trigger the speed of the spread of this new deadly pandemic
  15. Do not use chemical pesticides/insecticides
  16. Observe all general health related cleanliness

7) Temporary and permanent remedies

Temporary remedies:

Permanent remedies:

1. Gurukripa Yogic Wellness Treatment from M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises.

2. Resurrection treatment from death even for people who died due to pandemic attack.

3. Save the humanity from plastic pollution. Refer the below for solutions and alternatives:

4. Ban chemical pesticides. For crop protection refer Ateendriya Suraksha scheme 14

5. Stop producing electricity using fossil fuel, solar or wind energies. For more details refer Inbuilt danger/risk in existing power generating systems

For alternative solutions of electricity generation refer:

6. Use electric vehicles for all types of transportation using Ateendriya Ancient Scientific Herbal Battery.

7. Plant as many trees as possible. A minimum of 10% of every individual’s or common plot to be used for this purpose. Convert places into forests. This is more applicable to cities and crowded places. Demolish buildings if the land is not available for this purpose.

If you do not follow these minimum guidelines, the Nature will demolish you. Laws must be amended and introduced with retrospective date and not prospective date. Take this pandemic as the Nature’s final warning and implement corrective steps mentioned above, lest you all will perish along with innocent insects and other living creatures. For more details refer “The worst global flood disaster – within 2026 AD!”

Annexure to Red Alert Warning III-An epidemic cancer (fast approaching deadliest new pandemic)

(Annexure published on 6th Dec 2021)

With reference to the prediction of devastating pandemic made and published in the Red Alert page under the heading “An epidemic cancer”, I would like to add the following of the best interest of the scientists, doctors, governments and the general public at large.

  1. Omicron virus is the cause of this new pandemic, creating disastrous catastrophe for the humanity.
  2. Death toll will be more than the earlier predicted number – Refer the above prediction for details.
  3. The disease is incurable and no medicine of the modern science will be effective.
  4. Vaccination of any type will intensify the spread and the vaccinated people will become more vulnerable to the disease.
  5. The virus is a type of HIV-Aids causing disease and spreads like HIV-Aids disease.
  6. It spreads through mosquito bites.
  7. It spreads through pets, domestic animals, birds and all kinds of human to human touch.
  8. It spreads to people who are exposed to high-frequency sound.
  9. The virus will be less active/inactive in the body initially for few days. The infected people will have only minor symptoms in the initial stages. This is the incubation period of this virus. Attacking ability of the disease-causing viruses will be higher and aggressive if the incubation/inactive period is longer.
  10. Ateendriya Suraksha is the only remedy to escape from this pandemic.

Desirable precautions:

In addition to already announced precautions i.e., published on 26th Jul 2021 (as described above), the following also are to be made a note of:

  1. Take all precautions already announced above.
  2. Discontinue and ban all types of vaccinations with immediate effect.
  3. Discontinue and ban all types of IVF treatments.
  4. Ban all types of chemical food preservatives.
  5. Avoid using air conditioning. Staying in a room without cross ventilation will aggravate the crisis.
  6. Do not use chemical mosquito repellants.
  7. Avoid all types of non-vegetarian food i.e., meat, fish, egg etc.
  8. Avoid sexual relationships of all types including with the partner.
  9. Avoid all types of chemical alcohol.
  10. Avoid tobacco-based products.
  11. Avoid all types of chemical-based intoxicating products.
  12. Avoid all types of tinned food items.