“Vanamala project” for detoxification and radiation-free atmosphere

“Vanamala project” for detoxification and radiation-free atmosphere

(Enriching life all around)

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) and Jasminum grandiflorum medicinal plants together form the most powerful combination of medicinal plants on the planet today. The modern science is yet to realize its true potential and power to cure many incurable diseases and its capability to address many life-threatening issues of mankind that are created by the modern industrialization and civilization.

Considering its significance, Ateendriya Ancient Herbal Science would like to focus and share some of the divine medicinal potentials of Punarnava and Jasminum grandiflorum medicinal plants for the betterment of humanity at large as mentioned below.

Punarnava and Jasminum grandiflorum guarantee a radiation-free and chemical contamination-free atmosphere

Punarnava and Jasminum grandiflorum diffuse radiation and chemical impurities from the atmosphere, soil and water. Most of these impurities are man-made. Unscientifically developed large-scale industrialization, density of huge population and ignorance of its fatalities are some of the causes of this alarming level of radiation and chemical pollution present in the atmosphere, soil and water.

Modern science has no effective solution to resolve this crisis. Perhaps they may be busy in creating some vaccinations to survive in this toxic gas chamber. They can harvest billions even without marketing their products. Some of you call these people as mafias. They intelligently take advantage of this agony of people. Pollution level of many cities are above the dangerous level today. The entire population especially living in cities are forced to breathe and survive this highly toxic and polluted air. Air quality index is always showing above the maximum allowable impurity level. Everyone knows that this is leading to many health issues like lung cancer, cough, dementia, breathlessness, allergy, impotency, violent behaviour, drug addiction, psychological imbalances etc. What is said above is only a tip of an ice-berg. It is reflected behind almost every disease.

Do not worry. The so-called researchers and scientists have remedy for all the above diseases. They have constructed star-looking hospitals to take care of you. The situation is going from bad to worse day by day. No territory in the world is free from this crisis. The so-called medicines made available for treatments are like adding oil to the fire.

How can we effectively address this crisis?

Multipronged action plan is required to contain this huge task world-over. It has to be implemented if we wish to live in this world and invite our future generations.

  1. Afforestation to be implemented at a minimum ratio of 1:10 land area in the urban area
  2. Plant Punarnava and Jasminum grandiflorum medicinal plants everywhere indoor, outdoor, open land area etc.
  3. Take strict action against polluting industries and ensure effective scientific organic and inorganic waste disposal systems. (Refer Life-saving projects for solutions)
  4. Stop usage of fossil fuel and replace with pollution-free electricity. (Refer Life-saving projects for solutions)
  5. Ban tree cutting and introduce Nature-friendly substitutes. (Refer Life-saving projects for solutions)
  6. Control density of population. Introduce an upper ceiling – not exceeding 500 people per sq. km. in urban areas.

Some of the advantages of planting Punarnava and Jasminum grandiflorum together:

  1. Purifies air 10 meters around each plant from dangerous chemical impurities
  2. Purifies soil from dangerous chemical toxic impurities
  3. Absorbs and diffuses even high levels of radiation
  4. Abundant release of oxygen 24 hrs a day
  5. Absorbs and diffuses unhealthy toxic contaminated air from the atmosphere

Health benefits:

  1. Rectifies heart, kidney, liver disorders
  2. Develops brain cells ensuring sharp memory power
  3. Prevention from incurable attack of dementia
  4. Sharpens intelligence
  5. Imparts mental strength, stability and prevents from falling easy prey to drugs or radicalization
  6. Rectifies psychological disorders
  7. Purifies blood from chemical and metal impurities
  8. Enhances blood circulation all over the body
  9. Diffuses Vastu-doshas of buildings

Where to grow the plants?

  1. Ensure to grow these divine medicinal plants together or separately in every room of your home
  2. Ensure to keep it in the balcony
  3. Ensure to grow on the terrace area/ roof-top
  4. Allot 10% of your garden for this purpose
  5. Allot 10% of your open land area for this purpose
  6. Ensure to plant inside every room of the office at the ration of 1:1 basis of the employee strength
  7. Plant in all vacant land forest area, road-dividing centre space and side space
  8. Keep the plants inside every motor vehicle
  9. Plant at all airports inside, outside and on the sideways of runways
  10. Plant at all traffic junctions, traffic islands etc
  11. Plant inside and outside of cinema theatres, conference halls etc
  12. Plant inside and outside of all religious centres and other centre where people gather in huge numbers at the ratio of 1:1 basis
  13. Plant inside and outside of classrooms of schools and colleges compulsorily at the ratio of 1:1 basis
  14. Plant inside and outside of all hotel room, restaurants, gardens etc.
  15. Plant at all tourist attractive locations (a minimum of 10% of the land area)
  16. Plant inside and outside of all hospitals, dormitories, labour rooms, treatment centres including the operation theatres
  17. The plants must be planted at all government offices, courts, parliament houses etc
  18. Plant these divine plants inside and outside of all crowded places like pilgrim centres, stadium, arts and sports performing centres etc.
  19. Agriculturists must plant these divine plants to purify soil from highly toxic soil impurities. You will get better yield. It controls plant-diseases and pests thereby getting better quality yield
  20. Governments must make it compulsory and issue orders accordingly to implement the above action plan
  21. These divine plants must be present with all individuals 24 hrs a day. It is the most economic, most efficient, 100% Nature-friendly, very less space required air purification system, radiation defusal system and detoxification system. It produces oxygen making providing the most healthiest atmosphere, providing the most disease-free atmosphere, providing the most peaceful atmosphere at a very affordable cost even by the poorest of poor. It is a system meant for all, irrespective of rich/poor, male/female, child/adult/aged, literate/illiterate etc.
  22. Awareness campaigns must be launched at all forums village-wise, district-wise, state-wise, nation-wise and world-wide. This subject must be added in the academic textbooks in the primary educational system. A joint action plan at all centres together can purify the entire atmosphere of the planet within a matter of 30 days. Let us join together, work together to get out of this gas chamber, full of diseases; and welcome a pure, refreshing, pleasant atmosphere for ourselves and our future generations.

Other utilities of the two medicinal plants:

  1. Punarnava is an excellent nutritious, vitamin and mineral rich green leafy vegetable for human consumption. You can say good bye to all diseases if included in your regular menu
  2. Punarnava is an excellent cattle feed.
  3. You can save yourself from incurable lifestyle diseases like diabetes, BP, cholesterol, liver cirrhosis, heart and kidney disorders, cancer etc. Punarnava is therefore more than a doctor at home. Save your hospital bill over 90% and utilize that amount for forestation and Nature-cleaning activities. Refer our website for more details.
  4. A remedy for Vastu-dosha
  5. Reduces alcoholic drug addiction
  6. Enhances and boosts immunity power

Hope everybody will take advantage of this divine and precious knowledge given to the mankind by Ateendriya Ancient Herbal Science from the house of Gurukripa Ancient Science Study Centre.

Eligibility criteria:

To become eligible to avail the benefits of this divine knowledge, plant and maintain 5 saplings of any long-life trees.