Election department

Election department

The department is duty-bound to conduct election in free and fair manner. The department should conduct election to elect only the head of the nation in democratic countries. With the introduction of the new regime of administration, no election is required for any other post. All elected members of the legislation of law must be dissolved with immediate effect. Election department should issue formal public declaration accordingly and prepare to elect the head of the nation.

The candidate must acquire 50% + 1 vote to be a winner. No re-election need to be conducted immediately if no one is able to get this minimum eligibility mark. The responsibility of the Election department is restricted only to elect the head of the nation. The department must update the voters list periodically all over the nation. The updated list of voters should consist of all citizens who completed the minimum eligibility of 18 years and exclude people who have died from the list. People who are awarded with punishment 2 years or above by the judicial system are not permitted to take part in any election or caste their vote in the election.

Re-election is required if there is a turn out of voters less than 65%. Re-election will be held once in 2 years only. 50% + 1 vote is the minimum eligibility to be a winner. The role and responsibility of the nation head will be entrusted with the chief justice of Supreme court in the absence of the head of the nation. In the absence of the chief justice of supreme court, the responsibility of heading the nation will be entrusted to the Revenue department head until the chief justice of supreme court assumes office.

Issuance of identity card:

Many departments are having separate identity cards presently. Atleast a dozen of cards are prevailing at the moment for an individual. This is nothing but a colossal waste of money, effort, resources, time etc. The nation must have only one single identification document for every citizen. While issuing this card, all the departments must be digitally connected to this identity tracing document system i.e., all the 75 departments will have to update the status of the citizen on the respective areas in this one and only document. This responsibility is entrusted with the Election department. The identity document should contain the following details:

  1. Name (in full)
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Address (place of stay)
  5. Nationality
  6. Latest photograph
  7. Identification mark on the body
  8. Finger prints
  9. Category of the individual as given in Self-awareness through the science of body measurements
  10. Blood group
  11. Contact number
  12. Contact email id
  13. Mother’s name
  14. Mother tongue
  15. Bank account number
  16. Signature

The department should collect the above data and issue a consolidated proof of identity.

Advantages of this consolidated identity proof:

  1. There will be only a single document henceforth to prove one’s identity. As this card is digitally connected with all activities department-wise, no one can give false statements or false proofs.
  2. This will be very useful to track the individual and his/her activities.
  3. Law and order enforcing authorities can make use of this system to prevent or to arrest criminals. Chances of missing cases will be almost zero.
  4. Investigations will be faster and accurate. Hence timely judgement and fault-free judgement can be attained.
  5. The individual need not carry a bunch of various identity cards with him always as this single proof is covering all areas of the individual’s identity.
  6. This system will reduce manpower, resources and expenditure incurred on issuing various identity cards and maintaining them.

The department head must convene meetings with senior officials of the department and make a complete draft of rules, regulations and by-law of each and every function of the department. This is 100% required for the smooth functioning of the department. You must ensure that these by-laws are framed in accordance with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration. All the existing rules and regulations of the department will automatically become null and void with the introduction of the new regime of administration. All employees must follow the new rules and regulations in letter and spirit without fail.

The draft must be framed 100% in accordance with the guidelines of the new regime of administration and forward the same to HR department, who will go through the draft and re-confirm all aspects of the by-laws including the man power requirement. HR department has to reconfirm that the rules and regulations are not contradicting with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration and put up the same to the head of the nation for final approval. The approved draft thereafter becomes a rule, regulation and by-law of the department. This must be done on a war-footing basis. The entire process must be completed within a time limit of 122 days from the date of enforcement of the new regime of administration. The final approved rules and regulations of the department will be the new constitution of the new regime of administration for the department. The process of incorporating any changes, amendments, alterations, additions or deletions can be suggested by the head of the department at a later stage and the same has to be forwarded to HR department for scrutiny and should be sent to the head of the nation for ratification. A printed copy of this new constitution has to be given to all senior officials within the department and a copy each to all other heads of the departments for their reference.

Violation of the above guidelines will result in nothing less than death warrant. The invisible forces of Nature are tracing and tracking every moment of all of you. Do not take any risk of violating the guidelines of the new regime of administration. It will be at the cost of your life.

All the corrupted people will have to face death warrant punishment, if they do not make use of the final chance to escape from the punishment as provided in Amnesty scheme.

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