Industrial department

Industrial department

It is one of the crucial departments for the development of the society. The society will have to face long-lasting negative impact if the department is mismanaged. Industrial activities though gives employment opportunities and development of the society, waste production from industries is not given sufficient importance by most of the governments. Many of them dump generated waste in water sources. This is done with the knowledge of pollution control department, Waste management department and Environment protection department. All of them are equally culprits and they will be given nothing less than death penalty henceforth.

Water sources are not the place for dumping all unwanted filth including sewage. Anyone producing waste must have the responsibility to safely dispose them. The department must have safe eco-friendly waste management system. They must have bio-degradable organic waste processing units as well as bio non-degradable waste processing systems separately.

Industries who do not have proper waste management that is 100% eco-friendly must be closed down with immediate effect. This is the fundamental responsibility of Pollution control department and Industrial department as well. They will invite capital punishment if any compromise is done to implement the same.

Industrial department will be ultimately responsible for all the violations. They must check all of the rules before issuing license to industries. The department must also have action plan to reduce waste generation. For an example, if they issue license to manufacture a product, they must assess the waste generation possibilities and plan for its effective eco-friendly disposal system. Dumping them into water bodies, dumping them into soil and polluting ground water or burning them and polluting the atmosphere are not at all eco-friendly systems. Unfortunately this is exactly what is happening now in almost all over the world.

How long you can continue such cruel and foolish practices? The planet is already on the verge of dangerous disaster. Conducting mere meetings, making hollow statements are meaningless and cannot be allowed anymore. These leaders are cheating themselves and cheating the public. They will not be allowed in the new regime of administration. If you do not have sufficient successful eco-friendly systems to process waste, you can contact M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises for technological support. Why don’t you engage your scientists to research and invent solutions. You must throw them out if they cannot do so. You should have a strong research team by giving opportunity to talented people. Your excuses no more will be heard or attended henceforth. If you have no solution, you must stop production and close down such factories.

Industrial department must ensure before issuing license to manufacturing companies, their plan for waste management. Utilization of by-products from the factories can be one of the possible areas to look into. You must encourage manufacturers who have detailed waste management plan. You must encourage manufacturing companies to have multiple use of their products. It can be done may be with slight modification. The durability, efficiency and value of such products will increase, and consumers will appreciate such innovations.

All industries should have atleast 50% of the land area converted to forests. This is one way of controlling atmospheric pollution to a large extent. Land to building ratio must be accordingly fixed. If any present building do not fall into the above said ratio, demolition of such buildings will be the left over option. The department must set right all these matters within 6 months of the enforcement of the new regime of administration. All industries must have license from Pollution control department i.e., atmospheric poisonous pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, radiation pollution and dust pollution.

Industrial department must give priority for generating eco-friendly non-polluting electricity. Electricity generated from solar energy, wind mill energy, hydel projects, thermal or nuclear sources are not eco-friendly. Solar energy in long term will create more damage to the environment than the other sources. It will trigger global warming and unbearable heat will destroy almost all living beings including human beings.

Electricity generation from wind mill technology will divert wind route, resulting in climatic imbalance. Hydel projects are like time bombs. Most of the dams today cannot survive in a reasonably major earthquake. Sudden collapse of dams will kill thousands of people instantly along with other living beings. It will destroy buildings, crops, roads and bridges. Many dams or most of the dams occupy hundreds of acres of land area, destroying forestation in such areas. This is the reason why it has been decided to reduce the dam height by 50% of the present height. This action will reduce the weight of the water concentrating on the terrain, reducing the intensity of the damage in case of collapse.

Dams must be used for irrigation and not for electricity production. It has been already decided to shut down nuclear power generating stations with immediate effect. Thermal projects create horrible hazardous atmospheric pollution. Digging out coal and burning them for electricity production must be stopped with immediate effect. The world will have acute shortage of power if these polluting power generating sources are blocked. No industry can perform without proper and sufficient power supply. It will also have serious impact on residents especially in urban areas. It is therefore paramount importance to find out eco-friendly technology of power generation. You can approach M/s. Gurukripa Enterprises if you don’t have 100% eco-friendly power generating technologies.

Permission to continue polluting power generating plants/factories cannot be and will not be allowed even during the crisis of shortage of power.

The department head must convene meetings with senior officials of the department and make a complete draft of rules, regulations and by-law of each and every function of the department. This is 100% required for the smooth functioning of the department. You must ensure that these by-laws are framed in accordance with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration. All the existing rules and regulations of the department will automatically become null and void with the introduction of the new regime of administration. All employees must follow the new rules and regulations in letter and spirit without fail.

The draft must be framed 100% in accordance with the guidelines of the new regime of administration and forward the same to HR department, who will go through the draft and re-confirm all aspects of the by-laws including the man power requirement. HR department has to reconfirm that the rules and regulations are not contradicting with the fundamental guidelines of the new regime of administration and put up the same to the head of the nation for final approval. The approved draft thereafter becomes a rule, regulation and by-law of the department. This must be done on a war-footing basis. The entire process must be completed within a time limit of 122 days from the date of enforcement of the new regime of administration. The final approved rules and regulations of the department will be the new constitution of the new regime of administration for the department. The process of incorporating any changes, amendments, alterations, additions or deletions can be suggested by the head of the department at a later stage and the same has to be forwarded to HR department for scrutiny and should be sent to the head of the nation for ratification. A printed copy of this new constitution has to be given to all senior officials within the department and a copy each to all other heads of the departments for their reference.

Violation of the above guidelines will result in nothing less than death warrant. The invisible forces of Nature are tracing and tracking every moment of all of you. Do not take any risk of violating the guidelines of the new regime of administration. It will be at the cost of your life.

All the corrupted people will have to face death warrant punishment, if they do not make use of the final chance to escape from the punishment as provided in Amnesty scheme.

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